Pools Spring

Upside down S.A.D city, now freshly strewn with linen shirts and open top sandals, the stench of fast meat heightens my senses and I’m bewildered in my home city. Today, I could be in a desirable European destination, with its worldly residents and pedestrian tourists, but this is my city with its witty rep, except, I feel like I’m on holiday and my observations of the throbbing carnage of people, mirror my thoughts; those who serve and those who preserve this upside down S.A.D city, which now brings and rings G.L.A.D with its worldly smiles and local twang.


Writing, Music & Chips – a tribute to Arthur Adlen

We were thrown together in the late 90s, during the time of our work with Unemployed Centres. In an earlier life we would’ve been sworn enemies; sharing a history, but divided by ideology, until the Wall came down and we both changed. Arthur’s involvement with Philosophy in Pubs led him to Nerve Magazine which, at times, seemed to be much the same thing. The difference between Pips and Nerve I would tell him, was that while Pips interpreted the world, in various ways, Nerve just got on with changing it. (more…)

Lovey Dovey

Thank god for the blessing Dove cream has provided,

the world is happy and undivided.

with one application of lovely white cream

everybody non-white lives the ultimate dream.

like turning to daylight from the darkest dark night

all can now say they are purely white.

No more racial tensions down in the ‘hood,

no drive-by shootings filled with blood.

No more lynching of some poor black fellow,

and it doesn’t matter who plays Othello.

No discrimination at work or play,

nothing nasty in what we say.

You’ll never hear the old ‘N’ word,

and even ‘coloured’ is absurd’

Football insults are not as chilling,

‘You white bastard’, is just not fulfilling.

None is said to be ‘half cast’ or even ‘dual’,

to talk like that would make you a fool.

But the police aren’t too happy, their job’s become harder

they can’t look at your skin and immediately charge yer.

Now we’re all living in harmony,

we’re all as happy as we can be.

Every heart is filled with love,

so let’s sing together, All you need is Dove,

All you need is Dove,

All you need is Dove, Dove,

Dove is all you need.


Arthur Adlen