The Ghost of John Masefield

It’s 8 am and the eastern wind blows through the deserted high street of Rock Ferry. I haven’t spotted any tumbleweed yet, but with the gathering winter wind, yet to reach full potential; it’s surely just around the corner. I seek shelter and the public house is the preferred choice. Approaching the entrance, I remove my gloves and attempt to open the doors. (more…)


How can you hug a spirit?

When my mum was alive, she sat in the same chair each night, listening to talk shows on her wireless. She usually had headphones on, turning the volume on her hearing aid to zero; probably to avoid my father’s pointless comments of the day from The Liverpool Echo. (more…)

Lovey Dovey

Thank god for the blessing Dove cream has provided,

the world is happy and undivided.

with one application of lovely white cream

everybody non-white lives the ultimate dream.

like turning to daylight from the darkest dark night

all can now say they are purely white.

No more racial tensions down in the ‘hood,

no drive-by shootings filled with blood.

No more lynching of some poor black fellow,

and it doesn’t matter who plays Othello.

No discrimination at work or play,

nothing nasty in what we say.

You’ll never hear the old ‘N’ word,

and even ‘coloured’ is absurd’

Football insults are not as chilling,

‘You white bastard’, is just not fulfilling.

None is said to be ‘half cast’ or even ‘dual’,

to talk like that would make you a fool.

But the police aren’t too happy, their job’s become harder

they can’t look at your skin and immediately charge yer.

Now we’re all living in harmony,

we’re all as happy as we can be.

Every heart is filled with love,

so let’s sing together, All you need is Dove,

All you need is Dove,

All you need is Dove, Dove,

Dove is all you need.


Arthur Adlen