Where do you go to my ugly?

(to the tune of ‘Where Do You Go To My Lovely’ by Peter Sarstedt)

You talk like that twat Winston Churchill

And you walk like Co Co the clown

Your clothes are all designer scruffy

And your barnet’s all over your crown, and your face, (yes it is!)


“Where’s the guard!” Rotheram!

“There’s an economic miracle happening in Chattanooga” says Steve Rotheram. Like them, we should become a ‘Gig’ heaven. “I plan a digital ring from Daresbury to Southport, to leverage our existing infrastructure and skilled workforce to attract major global investment.”

Meanwhile Steve, why don’t you stand up for the Merseyrail Guards: See it, Say it, Sort it!


Sir Philip Greed


Well some say that it’s enterprise, and some say that it’s theft
But I just know my job is gone and there’s no pension left
Sir Philip’s wife’s in Monaco and now she’s got our pot
And soon they’re off to Panama a-sailing on their yacht (more…)