The revolution will be televised

(with apologies to Gil Scott-Heron)

You will be able to stay home, Brother.
You will be able to sit down, turn on and just watch.
You will be able to lose yourself on curry and chips,
and nip out for beer during the commercials,
because the revolution will be televised.


orgreaveposterEvening all

turned out nice again

Dixon of dock green dream, as seen weekly on your tv screen

Was never really here, never has been

Transformed ghostly tv myth of the bobby on the beat

keeping good people safe now,  crime in retreat. Reality shudders into focus on this day (more…)

Low Moods and High Towns

My occupational health lady, diagnosed me as low mood, but it’s definitely not depression she added, before signing me off work for another month. I first felt relief, I’ve got a title, but instantaneously, I deflated as I strolled through the streets of High Town in my low mood. Low mood and high towns, a conflict of moods, “but I feel okay”, I say to myself, before the smile melts away. (more…)

Memoirs of a Breck Road Buck

When Mr Carson came home he’d nailed his tin hat
to the pillar outside their newsagents shop,
an advert to the neighbourhood that he was back,
reclaiming his life and all that he’d defended.
They sold papers, and ciggies, and sweets of every colour,
my nose pressed against the shiny glass counter,
the smell of sweetness and temptation.
Then, one day, my mother said, ‘Rationing’s ended’. (more…)

Constant Changes

Actions cause reactions
Change is constant
Pain is relative
Taste before affects taste after
Conventions control

People react to what affects them
You can’t place yourself in another’s
Nature is a battle of opposites
Changing environments change people
Home is what it makes you!

The heart is our true home;
A place of changeless now,
no reaction, no fear;
Only love,love and LOVE.

home is where
the heart is-
but if I tried
the landlord
would probably- sue-
making a mess
on the carpet an-all-
so I will wear my heart
on #
my sleeve
as its more=
easy to
transport that way!

All is Connected:
Life is a Web
of Networks and Patterns:
The Whole is more than the sum of its parts.
Opposites are United:
We are all processes,
waves and dust of the Universe

Stable Models in universal time?
Roughly right but exactly wrong
Disregarding what you don’t like
Closed minds and filtered thought
Obsessed by the end

This was a group effort: Ritchie Hunter (verses 1,2 & 7), George Balmer (3), Rob Harrison (4&5), Sue Hunter (6)

Caught Between

In the bread-bin
you will find – photographs –
memories distilled.
Whilst in the fridge – love letters –
words of passion –
not entirely chilled.

Around the house,
messages to myself –
leaves flurry and drift.
Elusive in the gathering,
ruffle and shift.

Caught between then and now,
from another place
echoes resound.
Without bus fare
for the journey home,
no door key –
to be found.

Within and without mist swirls,
clouds the path I step along,
and hazy the gaze of passers-by,
cast aside or beyond.

Yet people drop by
bringing – stories,
interweaving strands mislaid.
And – in the thread of retelling,
forgetful – for a while,
to be afraid.

Jeanette Abendstern


When is near, far
or local, remote?

Who describes?

When is upside, – down
or inside, – out?

Who devises?

How true are north, south,
east and west?

Who divines?

When does hub become edge
or isle, mainland?

Who defines?

Who lives within
or beyond the pale?

Who divides?

Who rules the straight
or scores the encircling lines?

Who decrees?

Who inks the spaces pink
or marks the checkpoints
– with double crosses?

Who dictates?

Who erases
then renames the places?

Who deceives?..
And who dares?

For earth, water, air and fire
Will not be for all time bound.

When protesters protect?

Who dares lay claim?

And who defies?

Jeanette Abendstern