Writing, Music & Chips – a tribute to Arthur Adlen

We were thrown together in the late 90s, during the time of our work with Unemployed Centres. In an earlier life we would’ve been sworn enemies; sharing a history, but divided by ideology, until the Wall came down and we both changed. Arthur’s involvement with Philosophy in Pubs led him to Nerve Magazine which, at times, seemed to be much the same thing. The difference between Pips and Nerve I would tell him, was that while Pips interpreted the world, in various ways, Nerve just got on with changing it. (more…)

The Ghost of John Masefield

It’s 8 am and the eastern wind blows through the deserted high street of Rock Ferry. I haven’t spotted any tumbleweed yet, but with the gathering winter wind, yet to reach full potential; it’s surely just around the corner. I seek shelter and the public house is the preferred choice. Approaching the entrance, I remove my gloves and attempt to open the doors. (more…)