Pools Spring

Upside down S.A.D city, now freshly strewn with linen shirts and open top sandals, the stench of fast meat heightens my senses and I’m bewildered in my home city. Today, I could be in a desirable European destination, with its worldly residents and pedestrian tourists, but this is my city with its witty rep, except, I feel like I’m on holiday and my observations of the throbbing carnage of people, mirror my thoughts; those who serve and those who preserve this upside down S.A.D city, which now brings and rings G.L.A.D with its worldly smiles and local twang.


June wasn’t the end of May

The ‘elite’ need May, or more specifically the Tories, to continue their privatisation and cuts plan. They see Brexit as the opportunity to push through a sort of ‘shock doctrine’*, bringing in fundamental and irreversible change to the way society is run. (more…)

Pressing Problems (Momentum)

Ritchie Hunter gives his take on a ‘one off’(not typical) workshop during four packed days at the Black-E of friendly, informative and inspiring events.

The main hall in the Black-E is full to overflowing; this has become a regular occurrence throughout the days of the ‘The World Transformed’. This session is called ‘What is Momentum for?” and participants sit in groups, at tables. We’ve been given five minutes to introduce ourselves to the other eight members of our group. (more…)

The many stages of grief

Walking through the picturesque village of Port Sunlight on the Wirral, I noticed a well-dressed elderly man wearing a suit and tie, plus waistcoat and jacket, he was also walking his dog, this image portrayed a proud man, still enjoying life in beautiful surroundings, but today, I am visiting my terminally ill father, this historic village serves only to remind me of decreasing life. (more…)