Pools Spring

Upside down S.A.D city, now freshly strewn with linen shirts and open top sandals, the stench of fast meat heightens my senses and I’m bewildered in my home city. Today, I could be in a desirable European destination, with its worldly residents and pedestrian tourists, but this is my city with its witty rep, except, I feel like I’m on holiday and my observations of the throbbing carnage of people, mirror my thoughts; those who serve and those who preserve this upside down S.A.D city, which now brings and rings G.L.A.D with its worldly smiles and local twang.

With a stroke of a brush, an image is set for as long as you wish, add a local dish and a fresh spring of pools potential, and the tie is bonded with a tourists grace; the birds guiding you home until you are ready to return, with a sunrise welcome to keep you warm.

This is my city, with its dance floors and closed doors, smiles and frowns, dark histories and bright future, colourful expletive tongue and beautiful melodies once sang. Waiting to be sung again in joy and pain, but never in pity or vain; for we move forward in unison with new members from around the globe. We evolve, dissolve, we grow and blow the cobwebs into pools spring air, embrace new smells, sounds, tones and groans with our own welcoming tones and groans and tired bones. The last drop of life, our last guffaw, we will share from the poor to to the wealthy, the lame and the healthy. This pools spring will replenish all who wish to drink of the fountain of life. All colours, shapes and tones are welcome to pools spring with a fresh bling and across the universe sing along. Your voice must be heard above the noise-makers cause we all have a tale to tell, or a song to prevail, it’s YOUR story and it must be told.

Raise a glass of hope and relay your life to this upside down S.A.D city, with its floors and dreams and sincerity schemes, you could make your mark, light up your trait, don’t wait, turn fear into bold colours to decorate and celebrate YOU………it’s very simple, just take a sip from pools spring.

Kev Lea

S.A.D means Seasonal Affective Disorder.

G.L.A.D usually means Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders. But here it just means happy.


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