A winter freeze halts the flow of the river Vistula,

A museum preserves the unfair deaths of innocence alive,

The old bricks merge with new and old winds,

Battle with mass historic cruelty.


Tourists frequent the churches, to keep out the cold, for warmth is their goal,

Whilst local Catholics seek salvation for their soul.


Birds won’t fly over the stench of death,

And tourists shiver in the haunted gas chambers,

Hair and spectacles are on public display behind glass,

Whilst cynics slam its lack of humane class.


Shoes, mountains of shoes, that dead feet can’t fill anymore,

This is death at retinas core.




Work sets you free, the lies oblivious to the outside world,

While new arrivals’ overalls remain untouched,

“History will set you free” a more appropriate tattoo,

As a stranger in a black coat, walks freely in a park in Krakow.


Kev Lea


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