“Where’s the guard!” Rotheram!

“There’s an economic miracle happening in Chattanooga” says Steve Rotheram. Like them, we should become a ‘Gig’ heaven. “I plan a digital ring from Daresbury to Southport, to leverage our existing infrastructure and skilled workforce to attract major global investment.”

Meanwhile Steve, why don’t you stand up for the Merseyrail Guards: See it, Say it, Sort it!

Chattanooga Steve (based on the famous song)


Pardon me Steve, is that the train without the guard on?

Deaths on the line, just a matter of time

Can you afford to have a train without a guard on?

To make travel safe, you need a guard that’s in place



Merseyrail are making profits that are out of this world

and passengers will suffer if this plan is unfurled

Steve, it’s a no-brainer

Nothing could be plainer

You have to blow the whistle on this crazy failure


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