orgreaveposterEvening all

turned out nice again

Dixon of dock green dream, as seen weekly on your tv screen

Was never really here, never has been

Transformed ghostly tv myth of the bobby on the beat

keeping good people safe now,  crime in retreat. Reality shudders into focus on this day

police lined up, 3 deep  military style, mob handed, tooled up,  going that extra mile

your government’s treat, the state displaying its crocodile smile


Klass war sunny day

cracking heads brings extra overtime pay

use it for the extension to the kitchen, I heard him say

Orgreave 1984 miners’ strike opens many doors for those on the oppressor’s side


Easy picket pickings in the outcome of this play

Shirt sleeved, trainers, the usual pickets wear of the day

short changed justice the usual punishment, it’s on its way

uniforms, horses and batons, legalised criminality always

likely to win the day


working class communities

battered by ideology, backed up by brutality, the courts, the media and parliamentary democracy

The government called the strikers the enemy within, criminalising good working people with a propaganda spin

The people are the enemy when the government hold democracy firmly by the throat

Ends and means are justified injustice in the hallowed halls of those for whom we are asked  cast our vote

Joseph Clarke

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