Kev Lea reviews the play set in 1943 occupied Guernsey.

The Playhouse, the venue for tonight’s play, is beautifully preserved in my view. Whilst outside and in the foyer has been modernised, the actual theatre and decor, remain in the past. I absorbed the ambience by sitting on my own for a while before the play started, trying to encapsulate the atmosphere of this historic building. The lights dimmed and went bright briefly, indicating to the punters, tonight’s play was about to begin.


orgreaveposterEvening all

turned out nice again

Dixon of dock green dream, as seen weekly on your tv screen

Was never really here, never has been

Transformed ghostly tv myth of the bobby on the beat

keeping good people safe now,  crime in retreat. Reality shudders into focus on this day (more…)

Pressing Problems (Momentum)

Ritchie Hunter gives his take on a ‘one off’(not typical) workshop during four packed days at the Black-E of friendly, informative and inspiring events.

The main hall in the Black-E is full to overflowing; this has become a regular occurrence throughout the days of the ‘The World Transformed’. This session is called ‘What is Momentum for?” and participants sit in groups, at tables. We’ve been given five minutes to introduce ourselves to the other eight members of our group. (more…)